The Cake Shop

The London Review Cake Shop is brought to life by an eclectic team of people drawn together by a love of soulful food. Their aim is to bring the spirit of backyard veggie gardens to inner-city plates, dished up with great service and a side helping of laughter.

The welcoming energy of Terry and her team turns customers into regulars and staff into family. She attributes the London Review Cake Shop’s ongoing success to her hardworking team who motivate each other to push the boundaries in their approach to food. The woman-led team has an ethos based in feminist teachings and a firm investment in ongoing staff development.

Regular Opening Hours


Tue to Sat 10 am – 5 pm

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14 Bury Place, London, WC1A 2JL
Call: +44 (0)20 7269 9045

You can no longer order online at Uber Eats.
For bespoke cakes please call or email us

The Cake Shop and Bookshop are available to hire for events, together or individually. Welcoming and full of character, the space provides a unique cultural setting for special occasions large and small. 

The Cake Shop also offers catering services, bringing the distinctive flair and eclectic inspirations that have made the café so well-loved to events across the city. From freshly baked muffins for important morning meetings to beautiful canapés for evening soirees, the Cake Shop brings a dash of zest to gatherings and functions of all descriptions. 

 Or to truly mark a unique moment or spoil someone special, order one of our bespoke celebration cakes. Each cake is hand-made by Terry Glover and uniquely designed to reflect individual interests, intimate in-jokes and personal symbolism. Terry has made her signature cakes for luminaries including Paul Smith, Lena Dunham and Patti Smith, and brings her vibrant style and irrepressible creativity to every order. For hand-painted cakes, please give at least 2 weeks notice, or a weeks notice for simpler bakes.

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